Kanchenjunga Trekking

Mount Kanchenjunga (8586m.) is the third highest in the world and second highest in Nepal. Kanchenjunga Trek provides closer view of Mt. Kanchenjunga along with other mountains. The trail of the trek follows pleasantly beautiful natural scenarios and panoramic view of gigantic peaks and glaciated areas. Kanchenjunga region is one of the unexplored wilderness treks in Nepal. The region has full of flora and fauna along with different rare wildlife and spices of birds.

Kanchenjunga Trekking follows the route to the Onglakhing Glacier and Samity Lake. Ascending to the pass also provides superb scenery of Talung Glacier and the gigantic view of Mt. Kanchenjunga. Around view is of Kirat Chuli (7365m.), Talung (7349m.), Kabru (7338m.), Pyramid Peak (7123m.) and Rathong (6679m.) etc. is breath stopping and life memorable. Kanchenjunga Glacier is one of the most attractive panoramas of the trek.

Kanchenjunga Trekking offers the exploration of Nepal’s eastern life. As the trail ascends high mountains, the picturesque view of the grassy lands, rocky outgrowths and the sub-tropical forests make you feel charmed by the magic of nature. The superb scene of flowery forest of rhododendron, lilies, primula and orchards is unforgettable along with the views of green valleys and pasture lands. Picturesque view of terraced field along the valleys provides pleasant feeling in natural beauty.

Trekking in Kanchenjunga region is also the opportunity to explore Nepal’s remote area and life style of high mountain people. The economic activities and their daily routines are far more difficult than your imaginations. Hospitality of the local people and warm smile adds energy while trekking. The trekking continues to the wilderness for some days.

Kanchenjunga Trekking is trek to the wilderness area of Nepal which is very rich in its hidden beauty of the nature. Trekking in this trail needs good health and fitness. Previous experience of trekking in high altitude can be helpful though committed trekkers with the spirit of having adventure can make trekking as their life adventure.

Kanchenjunga Wilderness Trekking

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to Hotel
Arriving upon Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) you will be received by our representatives and transferred to hotel for comfortable accommodation and delicious food and cultural shows

Day 02: Sightseeing in Kathmandu valley
Today you will explore the UNESCO listed world heritage site in kathmandu valley including Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Bhakktapur Durbar Square, Pashupatinath, Syambhunath and Bouddhnath, from where you will get the sense of cultural and historical glimpse of Nepal and traditional style architectural development of Nepalese people along with religious inheritance. All the day you will visit the other temple and historical settlement areas of Newari people. At evening before dinner you will make preparation and briefing to trekking and make sure of tomorrow fight.

Day 03: Flight from Kathmandu to Biratnagar and flight to Sukhetar
Today you take scenic flight from Kathmandu to Sukhetar enjoying great view of Himalayan ranges and beautiful valley of hilly area. Arriving at Biratnagar you catch next flight to Sukhetar. Arriving upon Sukhetar you will transfer to hotel for overnight stay.

Day 04: Trek from Sukhetar to Tabawa (1988m.)

Today after breakfast you will commence on the trekking towards north to Taplejung until you reach to Tamur River. After Tamur River you will hike towards Sought Base Camp and then through the forest you will hike towards North Base camp. Passing the grassy meadows and small teashops you will reach to Lalkharka and descend towards Tabawa for overnight stay in camp

Day 05: Trek from Tabawa to Khesewa, (1920m.)
Today after breakfast you will first hike to the terrace field of Phawa village then descend to Phawa Khola to cross the suspension bridge. After crossing the bridge you will walk uphill through forest, soppy land and narrow terrace land enjoying good view of Kanchenjunga glacier and main summit of Yalung Kang 8505m. on the way you will also enjoy the view of Jannu 7710m. Then you will enter to Khesewa for overnight stay at camp near by small village.

Day 06: Trek from Khesewa to Mamankhe (1854m.)

Today after breakfast you will descend towards Kabeli Khola through the ups and down path. After Kabeli Khola you will walk through forest and cross the small stream with great view of Himalayan ranges. On the way you will also enjoy the encounter with local Rai Limb, and Magar people until you reach to Ponpe Dhara for camping nearby village of Mamanke

Day 07: Trek from Mamankhe to Yamphudin (1706m.)
Today after having breakfast you will walk through zigzag road around the great ridges behind the Kabeli Khola and follow the trail of stone steps until you reach to Yamphudin for overnight stay

Day 09: Trek from Yamphudin to Omje Khola
Today you will hike through village passing the agricultural terraces and grazing meadows of local people cattle until you reach to Omje Khola valley. on the way you will the distance view of mountain peaks and spectacular view of surrounding terrains. Then you will walk alongside the bank of Omje Khola and cross the river once again until you reach Omje Khola village for overnight stay at camp.

Day 10: Trek from Omje Khola to Tortongn (2872m.)
Today after breakfast you will walk through forest and grassy land until you reach to Deurali Danda 3292 m and ascend towards Chittre for lunch. After lunch you will hike to Simbu Khola passing the forest of rhododendron and enjoying the great view of Jannu and Kanchenjunga on the way. After crossing the suspension bridge over Simbu Khola you will again enter to dense forest until you will reach to the bank of Simbu Khola and then ascend to Tortongn for overnight stay at camp

Day 11: Trek from Tortongn to Tseram (3736m.)
Today after breakfast you will hike towards beautiful valley of Lalung with pine and rhododendron from where you will follow the trail alongside the bank of small stream enjoying superb view of Yalung Glacier, and mountain peaks like Talung 7349m, Kabru 1338m, Rathong 6678m, until you reach to Tseram for overnight stay.

Day 12: Rest day at Tseram
Today you will make your day relaxing by visiting the places and settlements around Tseram and enjoy good view of Yalung Glacier, and mountain peaks like Talung 7349m, Kabru 1338m, Rathong 6678m, along with making encounter with Sherpa people and Yak herders.

Day 13: Trek from Tseram to Ramche (4290m.)
Today after breakfast you will walk via steep road of moraine slop blocks until you reach Yalung Bara. On the way you will pass through various ups and down trails and enjoy good view of valley below. Aon the way you will get encounter with Sherpa people, porters and Yak herders and enjoy the great view of Koktang peak 6147m, and the glacier of Lapsang and Rathong La.

Day 14: Trek from Ramche to Yalung Glacier and Kanchenjunga Base Camp and back to Ramche
Today after breakfast you will walk on tough trail. Leaving Tseram you will walk to trail junction and follow the right hand trek towards Simbu Khola. Then you will climb to Yalung via Lapsang, where you will meet another junction to reach Lapsang La Pass 5932m and you will reach to bottom end of Yalung Glacier. Then through the way of High Camp you will descend down to Ramche for overnight stay.

Day 15: Trek from Ramche to Torontam via Tseram
Today after having breakfast you will hike down towards Tseram. On the way you will enjoy good view of Mt. Mera (20830 ft) and highest peak Kanchenjunga (8534m). Walking through the forest of rhododendron and blue pine you will reach to Torontam for overnight stay.

Day 16: Trek from Torontam to Yamphudin
Today after having breakfast you will walk down towards Yamphudin. On the way you will visit porter and carrying yaks and pass through sight forest and sloppy path. On the way you will hike through the small village with mix habitation of Limbus Gurungs and Rai people of eastern hilly region of Nepal.

Day 17: Trek from Yamphudin to Ponphe
Today after breakfast you will walk towards Kabeli Khola. After crossing log bridge upon Kabeli Khola you will enter into forest and descend downhill via sloppy terrace on the way until you reach to Ponphe for overnight stay .

Day 18: Trek from Ponphe to Pha Khola
Today after having breakfast you will descend via ridge at 5700 m to reach Pun village passing the village of Kesawa. Then Kesawa you will walk downward to Bhanjyang where you will visit the settlement of Gurung people and beautiful farming terrace surrounded by stone walls. Then you hike to Pha Khola passing Limbu Gun of Khanjari nearby the bank of Pha Khola

Day 19: Trek from Pha Khola to Suketar Taplejung
Today is the last day of trekking. After having breakfast you will move downwards to Taplejung. Today you will walk for 3 hrs and on the way you will enjoy encounter with porters and local people. Passing small hotels teashops and settlement of Limbu, Lama and Rai people you will reach to Taplejung Suketar for lunch. After lunch you will enjoy sightseeing throughout Suketar and make sure of tomorrow flight to Biratnagar and to Kathmandu.

Day 20: Flight from Kathmandu to Biratnagar and to Kathmandu
Today you will enjoy scenic flight from Suketar to Biratnagar. Arriving upon Biratnagar Airport you will take next flight to Kathmandu.

Day 21: Final Departure to Homeward