Tibet About

Tibet is heavenly destination for the visitors from different countries. It is because they follow purely ancient practice of Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetan unspoiled life style is the characteristic feature of the Tibet visit. Visiting Tibet gives experience of unique cultural and religious life style with the exciting views of high Himalayas from Tibetan land. Visitors can experience untouched culture and enjoy magnificent view of mountains and natural landscape in Tibet stay.

Tibet has such a charm to attract the visitors that everyone feels there is something to be discovered in every visit. Tibet Tour gives an experience of distinct cultures of Nepal and Tibet. We offer Kailash Manasarovar tour and Tibet Lhasa tour to explore Everest region from north face. Kailash Manasarovar tour is religious tour and Tibet Lhasa tour is the tour to explore Tibetan culture. Both of these package tours are organized through the way from Kathmandu to Lhasa flight or drive along the Araniko Highway.

SIZE: 2.5 Million sq. km.


POPULATION: 6 million Tibetans and an estimated 7.5 million Chinese, most of whom are in Kham and Amdo

LANGUAGE: Tibetan (of the Tibeto-Burmese language family). The official language is Chinese.

STAPLE FOOD: Tsampa (roasted barley flour)

NATIONAL DRINK: Salted butter tea

TYPICAL ANIMALS: Wild yak, Bharal (blue) sheep, Musk deer, Tibetan antelope, Tibetan gazelle, Kyang (wild ass), Pica

TYPICAL BIRDS:  Black necked crane, Lammergeier, Great crested grebe, Bar-headed goose, Ruddy shel duck, Ibis-bill

MAJOR ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS: Rampant deforestation in Eastern Tibet, poaching of large mammals


HIGHEST MOUNTAIN: Chomo Langma (Mt. Everest) 29, 028 ft

AVERAGE RAINFALL: Varies widely. In the west it is 1 mm in Jan. to 25 mm in July. In the east, it is 25-50 in Jan. and 800 in July

AVERAGE TEMPERATURE: July 58 f; Jan. 24 f.

MINERAL DEPOSITS: Borax, uranium, iron, chromite, gold

MAJOR RIVERS: Mekong, Yangtse, Salween, Tsangpo, Yellow

ECONOMY: Tibetans: predominantly in agriculture and animal husbandry. Chinese: predominantly in government, commerce and the service sector.

PROVINCES: U-Tsang (Central Tibet), Amdo (N.E. Tibet), Kham (S.E. Tibet

BORDERING COUNTRIES: India, Nepal, Butan, Burma, China

NATIONAL FLAG: Snowlions with red and blue rays. Outlawed in Tibet

POLITICAL AND RELIGIOUS LEADER: The 14th Dalai Lama. In exile in Dharmsala, India.