Bungee Jump in Nepal

Best Bungee Jump in Nepal

Nepal is world famous popular destination for adventure-sports. Bungee Jumping is one of the extreme adventure sports designed to experiences heart-quickening adventure from high above in the George by tightening a nylon rope. This sporty experience in Nepal is over the gorge of Bhote Koshi River at the height of 160 meters. Jumping over the wild gorge of Bhote Koshi is thrilling and the pleasant experience.

Bungee Jumping Bridge is designed by New Zealand’s leading bungee consultants and operated by well experienced jump masters with all the safety cautions. The bridge is 166 m. high above the river using steel constructed under the Swiss measurements. The bridge is on the trail between Rolwaling and Helambu section which also serves to join these two valleys. The valleys are popular trekking areas in which Bungee Jumping can be included. Single adventure is enough for the adventure-lovers with extreme sport adventure spirit.

For reaching over the Bhote Koshi River you have to travel 100km. on roadways along Araniko Highway. Bungee Jumping Bridge is near the border of Tibet (12km. before Lhasa) which can be accessed within 3-4 hours drive. The magnificent natural sights while travelling attractive, thus give very pleasant experience of the trip before taking part in Jump over the river. The station of Bungee Jumping has one resort named as The Last Resort where you can enjoy dishes of different taste. After jumping, you can continue trekking or return back to Kathmandu.